UK Latte Art

We are increasingly being presented with wonderful patterns on top of our lattes, flat whites and cappuccinos in the UK's top espresso bars. These patterns, or latte art, are produced by the way the velvety textured milk is poured into the rich brown crema of the coffee.
The UK Latte Art Competition is an exhilarating competition showcasing pouring perfection. Each competitor will have 10 minutes to produce three matching pairs of drinks with the most complex and visually appealing designs possible.
UK Latte Art Competition Rules
The 2016 SCAE UK Latte Art Champion Competition followed the World Latte Art Championship rules which allow for a slight variation at National level.
Please click here to visit their website, where you can download up to date rules, scoresheets and information.
 What machines will I be using?
La Marzocco Linea PBs and Volcano grinders with La Marzocco/Mazzer burrs were used during the 2016 competition.
How to enter the Latte Art Competition
All places for this years competition are now taken.

You or your employer must be a SCAE member to enter the Latte Art Competition - To join, visit the SCAE website and download the SCAE Membership application form.


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