About Us

What is the SCA UK?

The Specialty Coffee Association United Kingdom Chapter (SCA UK Chapter Ltd) represents the UK based members of the Specialty Coffee Association.

The primary aim of the SCA UK is to organise and run the UK national coffee championships, which lead into the World Championships, and to spread the knowledge of great coffee! 

The SCA UK chapter is also about fun and friendship! The competitions are not only a great way to learn but also about meeting other people in the UK's ever-growing coffee community and forging great new friendships and contacts.

The SCA UK chapter is an association with a growing number of members - people like you, who are looking for coffee excellence. Our members come from all areas of the coffee industry, from machine manufacturers to roasters, cafe owners and ancillary suppliers.

The SCA UK Chapter is run by volunteers; an elected committee and a non-elected sub-committee.

Elected Committee 2021 - 2023
National Coordinator
Rob Ward - [email protected]
Communications Coordinator
Alexx McKendry - [email protected]
Community Coordinator
Camilla Morgan - [email protected]
Education Coordinator
Antonia Godward - [email protected]
Events Coordinator
Graz Moroni - [email protected]
Judges Liaison
Ashley Dawes - [email protected]
Non-elected Committee
Jonathan Wadham - [email protected]
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The SCA UK and World Coffee Research 

The future of specialty coffee is important to us, without it, many of us would not have found their career, their passion, great coffee, and so much more.
Most of us in the UK are in a relatively privileged position compared to many of those in coffee-producing countries. In the past the SCA UK have made adhoc donations to the WCR, however, we have made the decision to enter into a formal agreement for the coffee championship year's 2020 and 2021 and will donate £1,000 per year to the WCR. We hope this will continue longer term, however, any new committees will have to agree and ratify this. 
World Coffee Research is a non-profit research and development agricultural research non-profit. Their stated mission is: "Grow, protect, and enhance supplies of quality coffee while improving the livelihoods of the families who produce it."
We believe that this is an incredibly important organisation to support, and we hope you agree. Please visit their website: www.worldcoffeeresearch.org for more information and to make your own donation to support their work.