About Us

What is the SCA UK?

The overriding goal of SCA UK is to spread the knowledge of great coffee! Whether this is through entering any of the competitions we oversee, or by attending any of the training events we host throughout the year.

The SCA UK chapter is also about fun and friendship! The competitions are not only a great way to learn but also about meeting other people in the UKs ever growing coffee community and forging great new friendships and contacts.

The SCA UK chapter is an association with a growing number of members - people like you, who are looking for coffee excellence. Our members come from all areas of the coffee industry, from machine manufacturers to roasters, cafe owners and ancillary suppliers.

The SCA UK Chapter is run by an elected committee of volunteers.

National Coordinator
Mat North – NC@scaeuk.com

Education Coordinator
Edita Chodarcevic – Education@scaeuk.com

Event Coordinator
Estelle Bright – Events@scaeuk.com

Communication Coordinator
Jonathan Wadham - Communications@scaeuk.com


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