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UK Barista Championship Regional Heats Registration

Friday, October 10th, 2014


We’re pleased to announce that the UK Barista Championship Regional Heats are now open for registrations.

Warwick – 23rd November 2014

Bristol – 28th November 2014

Glasgow -06th December 2014

Please select the nearest region to your place of work. There will be 20 places available for each of the regional heats, so please also select a 2nd choice for if your 1st choice fills up.

More details on all the hosts and their venues will be released over the next few days.

Entry is free for all SCAE members.

Entrants must be 18 years of age and above.

Please keep an eye on our Twitter feed @SCAEUK for updates

Please send all questions to


2014 UK Barista Championship Semi Final Results

Saturday, April 5th, 2014

We’ve reached the end of day 3 of The London Coffee Festival and now seen all 20 incredible performances from our UK Barista Championship semi finalists. The standard this year is phenomenal with some particularly good scores.

Darryl Docherty – Artisan Roast – 496.5

Caspar Steel – J Atkinson & Co – 477

Dan Fellows – Origin Coffee – 476.5

Ewan Osprey-Allan – Brew Lab – 474.5

Ewan Osprey-Allan – Brew Lab – 474.5

Imogen Ludman – Six Eight Kafe – 471.5

Laura Holmes – Small Batch Coffee Company – 471.5

Steve Pearson – Devon coffee – 462

Mark Williams – Relish – 461

Jason Gonzalez – Colonna and Smalls – 454

Emiliya Yordanova – Avenue G Cafe – 448

Diana Johnston – Avenue G Cafe – 439.5

Alex Passmore – Origin Coffee – 432

Chris Walton – Union Hand Roasted – 431.5

Heidi Beeton – Prufrock Coffee – DQ

Our fantastic sponsors, Sanremo, awarded the following best of the day awards to:

Best espresso – John Gordon

Best Cappuccino – Maxwell Colonna Dashwood

Best Signature Drink – John Gordon

Best Technical – Dan Fellows

We look forward to seeing our finalists;  John Gordon, Maxwell Colonna Dashwood, Estelle Bright, Don Altizo, Dale Harris and Joe Meagher competing in the 2014 UK Barista Championship grand finals tomorrow to fight for the title of 2014 UK Barista Champion!!


Coffee In Good Spirits Needs YOU

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Firstly – there is a UK title up for grabs.

Secondly –  the winner gets to go to Australia to represent their country.

Lastly – for some reason practising when there’s alcohol involved is just more fun.

With this in mind, we want this competition to be fun, well participated with passionate skilled baristas, we also want it to be massively well supported at the finals.

With the  The London Coffee Festival and the UK Barista Championship finals only a month away, we would like to give those of you that are thinking of entering an insight into the world of coffee and good spirits.

So, we are running a coffee in good spirits Jam/workshop in London at Prufrock Coffee on the 13th March 2014 at 6.30pm.

Gordon Howell who represented the UK last year and came 3rd in the World Coffee In Good Spirits Championship will be our guide for the evening as he talks us through his routine from Nice last year.

Through the evening we will touch on rules, regulations and scoresheets and help to explain the format of the competition, but the focus of the evening will be to give more of an insight into how to perform and prepare for the competition.

If nothing else it’s an opportunity to network, have fun and drink some booze (oh and some coffee too).

There will be an opportunity to discuss any aspect of the competition at the end of the session.

For Preparation for the Workshop we ask that you all please study the information on , concentrating on the final round scoresheets (technical/sensory/head judge). Write down any questions you have about them for us to explain and discuss at the end of the workshop. All the documents can be downloaded from the WBC or SCAE UK website, you will also find links to videos of past performances, should you wish to study them.

SCAE membership is a requirement for entry. This can be a personal membership or that of your employer. You can join here

The UK finals will be based on the final round of the World competition where each competitor has 5 minutes to set up their work area and then 8 minutes to prepare two perfect Irish Coffees and two of their own signature hot or cold coffee cocktail.

Take a look at our information page on the competition.

If you wish to attend this evening of fun and frolics please email to confirm your interest.


A Look Back at #UKBC2014 Super Heat by Our National Coordinator – Steve Leighton

Monday, February 17th, 2014

I thought it might be nice with a few days between us to look back at the super heats of Birmingham, and share with you lessons learnt. When I took this temporary role, I said I would try and bring some transparency. So here it is warts and all:

I think overall it was a great event, and I am very proud of the team that put it together. Special thanks to Sanremo who delivered the roadshow, Denise Hall for pulling together the competition strings, Chloe for sharing all the information, and being there every time I needed her, Jonathan for just fixing things without even telling me, Tim and Ben from the education committee, and of course our wonderful judges. But this is not just to be pats on the back of congratulations so lets look at what didn’t go so well…

Competitor Prep Area

This was not so good, we started with a very small space, and this slowly (no in fact quickly) turned into Chaos, people taking over huge space, people leaving rubbish and equipment everywhere, and generally, not looking after it. David from Sanremo did a great job trying to police the area, but as soon as his back was turned (to do some work), it became a real mess. I think we need to police it better, but the baristas also need to mange these spaces better. Lesson learnt.

Brewers Cup / Cup Tasters

I’ve paired these together as I think it was applicable for both. We could and should have done better with the space and the organisation. The prep areas were not good enough, and although there were many good intentions, the feet on the ground were not good enough, this will be addressed for both London Coffee Festival, and for next years. Lesson learnt.

Live Scoring

This should be in both for me, it went well, and people liked it, but if we are going to do it then we need to have a system and a routine and someone dedicated to scoring. Those who jumped in and just got on with it, thank you, you were amazing, but next time I’d like to have people on it ready to go.

Tamper Tantrum

I think I’d not run this next time, while the competition was on, I think both suffered from sharing an audience (particularly the competition). But I do think the competition gained in the afternoon from an increase in audience.


Between myself, Jeremy Torz and Andrew Tucker we did a solid job. I think for the future, some more guidelines of thanking the sponsors, information on the judges and on the competition would be good. As the lead for this the blame lies firmly at my door. We will fix.


I’d like to see more educational events at these events, I think we missed a trick this year, but I’d like to incorporate for the future for sure. These are opportunities missed.

Things that went well – you didn’t just think I was going to say the bad things right ? Lots of things were right about the heat, things like…


Well done Chloe for running the show, but a SUPER well done to Simon Floyd, who gave up 4 days of his life to tweet the heck out the competition. Simon did this after being asked by the committee, and did an amazing job. I have received praise as far away as El Salvador and Australia about the quality of tweeting, and its all down to Simons hard work, thank you buddy. Also huge thanks to Kate Beard who gave up huge ammounts of her time to photograph every single competitor, dedication above and beyond the call.

Social Elements

I loved the fact we had more than just a competition. In 7 weeks we managed to get 5 speakers and a tamper tantrum (videos to follow too) and we put on a film with Q & A’s following John Gordon on his 2010 UKBC and WBC journey. The beers that followed after this in Brew Dog, and the fun around the competition was one of the highlights for me. Seeing baristas, organisers (and judges drinking soft drinks) a leap forwards.


What can I say, we were blessed with professional judges, who were waiting for competitors, not the other way around as its been so many times in the past. I’ve not heard one moan or groan about the judging, and this has to be a first. They were amazing machines that did all they could to help make the competition run smoothly. Special praise must go to the head judges, who stepped in at the last minute to save the day, and looked like they had done it forever. Well done Jamie and Jochem, my new super heroes.

Live Scoring 

I know this was in the part that said we could have done better, but I thought this added to the competition and is something I think we should pursue and hone, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


I was told by more than one person this is the most supported heat they had seen in many a year (comparisons with the legendary London heat of 2010 were made). For me the London heat of 2010 should be what we are aiming for, and what I had in my mind, so I am very pleased others saw it too. Audience was good, people milling around and networking was good, and competitors hanging around to see others was amazing. Thank you to every one who came.

There are no pats on the back just yet though, we have Semi finals and finals to do, and I want them to be the best ever. We have done half a job.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the super heat. We will obviously have some decisions to make after the London Coffee Festival for next year. Should we do one heat again, should we maybe do three mini super heats (the names are getting sillier) or would you prefer to go back to the 7 heats of the past ? I know my personal preference is somewhere in the middle but I’m ready to have my opinions changed if you feel strongly about it, after all its your SCAE UK Chapter not mine.



#UKBC2014 Super Heat End of Day 4 – Results

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Today, the finale of this years UK barista Championship Super Heat, kicked off with a bang with two incredible performances by Dale Harris and John Gordon. The pace didn’t let up as we saw 13 baristas compete across the day, with Cup Tasters running alongside, culminating in a fascinating and confident routine by Maxwell Colonna Dashwood.

The scores for those competing on day 4 are below

Dale Harris – Hasbean – 603.5

John Gordon – Square Mile – 593.5

Gayan Munaweera – United Coffee -

Joe Meagher – Flat Caps Coffee – 581

Dan Fellows – Origin Coffee – 562.5

Tom Hamlyn – Cafedirect London- 385

Jason Gonzalez – Colonna and Smalls – 471.5

Ivan Hewitt – Strangers with Coffee – 292.5

Stuart Archer – Pumphrey’s Coffee – 294.5

James Green – Coco Jambo – 356

Daisy Rea – Pumphrey’s Coffee – 337

Eve Purdy – Pumphrey’s Coffee – 417

Maxwell Colonna Dashwood – Colonna and Smalls – 616.5

The following top scoring Cup Tasters will be going through to the final of the competition at The London Coffee Festival where the winner will go on to compete in the World Cup Tasters challenge at the SCAE World of Coffee show in Rimini.

TJ Phillips

Jason Gonzalez

Alex Passmore

Maxwell Colonna Dashwood

Katherine Macarthy

Dennis Tutbury

As per the last three days, our sponsor Sanremo awarded the following best drinks of the day:

Best espresso – Joe Meagher

Best cappuccino – Maxwell Colonna Dashwood

Best signature drink – Dale Harris

So, after four intense days of competitions here at Birmingham’s Millennium Point, we have the following baristas going through to the finals of the UK Barista Championships at The London Coffee Festival to compete for a place in the World Barista Championships which will be held at the SCAE World of Coffee show in Rimini.

Maxwell Colonna Dashwood

Dale Harris

John Gordon

Darryl Docherty

Estelle Bright

Joe Meagher

Dan Fellows

Diana Johnston

Heidi Beeton

Ewan Osprey-Allan

Casper Steel

Don Altizo

Imogen Ludman

Steve Pearson

Alex Passmore

Chris Walton

Emiliya Yordonova

Mark Williams

Jason Gonzalez

Laura Holmes

See you in London!


#UKBC2014 Super Heat End of Day One

Sunday, February 9th, 2014

What a fantastic day we’ve just had! Starting with the Tamper Tantrum and watching the first wave of competitors compete at an extraordinarily high level.

Estelle Bright from Caravan bravely kicked things off, and at the end of day one we’re able to reveal the following scores and an exciting new board leader:

Estelle  Bright – Caravan Coffee Roasters         587

Emiliya Yordanova – Avenue G Cafe                  480.5

Dennis Tutbury – Harris & Hoole                       449

Ewan Osprey-Allan – Brew Lab                          536

Ryan Brodie – Crediton Coffee Company          DQ

Rachel  Jowitt – Owens Coffee Roasters          366.5

Gareth Kemble – Carvetii Coffee Roasters       322

Diana Johnstone – Avenue G Cafe                    551.5

Steve Pearson – Devon Coffee                             490

Darryl Docherty – Artisan Roast                       593.5

Will Sumner – Artisan Roast                              344.5

Awarded today by our sponsors Sanremo we also have prizes for best drinks of the day:

Best espresso awarded to Estelle

Best cappucino awarded to Darryl

Best signature drink to Darryl

Union Hand Roasted’s best newcomer of the day goes to Emiliya

The live stream has been a fantastic resource for those not able to attend in person. The link for day one was, however, incorrectly titled, but this has now been sorted, from tomorrow morning the live stream will as below

Bring on day 2!!

UKBC Super Heat Running Orders

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

I hope you’re all getting as excited about the Super Heat as we are! We’ve got a great line-up of competitors and activities for you across the four days – please see the UKBC running orders below:

Sunday 9th February

9.15  Dhan Taming

9.45  Estelle Bright

10.15  Emiliya Yordanova

11.00  Dennis Tutbury

11.30  Ewan Osprey-Allan

12.00  Ryan Brodie

13.15  Rachel Jowitt

13.45  Gareth Kemble

14.15 Diana Johnston

14.45  Steve Pearson

15.15  Darryl Docherty

15.45  Will Sumner


Monday 10th February

10.15  Robert Ross

11.00  Martin Pearson

11.30   Joe Granger

12.00  Mark Williams

13.15  Imogen Ludman

13.45  Caspar Steel

14.15  Sungsoo Yune

14.45  David Felgate

15.15  Bartosz Ciepaj

15.45  Connor Bramley


Tuesday 11th February

9.15  Don Altizo

9.45  Jana Slamova

10.15  Alexander Passmore

11.00  Oliver Tolic

11.30 Gareth Jones

12.00 Heidi Beeton

13.15 Adrian Byniewski

13.45 Matteo Pavoni

14.15  Laura Holmes

14.45  James West

15.15  Liam Ward

15.45  Chris Walton

16.14 Omar Al-Sabahi


Wednesday 12th February

9.05  Dale Harris

9.30 John Gordon

9.55  Gayan Munaweera

10.20  Joe Meagher

10.45  Dan Fellows

11.10  Tom Hamlyn

11.35  Jason Gonzalez

12.00  Ivan Hewitt

12.25  Stuart Archer

12.50  James Green

13.40  Daisy Rea

14.05  Eve Purdy

14.30  Maxwell Colonna Dashwood

Keep an eye on our Twitter account @SCAEUK for updates and please forward any questions to

We’ll see you at Millennium Point in Birmingham for all the action!

Top 20 Tips for Competition Baristas

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Our training coordinators, Ben Townsend and Tim Sturk, have compiled an invaluable list of 20 tips for anyone competing in this years UK Barista Championships:

Backstage practice time

1 – Have a spare set of cups, cloths and jugs for practice time that you can store and wash up after your performance.

2 – Get a trusted palate to taste your shots, instead of drinking multiple espressos before your performance.

3 – As soon as you get your shot tasting good in your practice, don’t continue adjusting, but stop and use any spare time to relax or do other tasks. You will need to empty the hopper before the grinder goes on stage – make sure to recalibrate once you are on stage.

4 – Have a written inventory of all equipment to pack and another for each area of the performance (machine, table, trolley etc). Set up your trays/trolleys in the order of equipment use through your set.


On Stage Prep Time

1 – Have at least one spare of each cup/vessel/spoon in case of accidents.

2 – Once your prep time starts only the competitor can fetch any forgotten items from the practice room. Practise your practice!


Technical Judge Advice

1 – Make sure that your equipment is spotlessly clean and polished. Do as much the day before as possible.

2 – Allow the technical judges to see your dosing/tamping routine clearly. Make it easy for the judges.

3 – Decide in advance whether you are willing to sacrifice milk waste points and adjust your cold milk fill levels accordingly.
Sensory Judge Advice

1 – Use each course of drinks to expand and build on the judges’ understanding of your coffee.

2 – Give information at the appropriate time and leave gaps in your talking so that judges can do sensory evaluation and give your service and knowledge the attention it deserves.

3 – Be sure to differentiate between taste and flavour modalities in your descriptions (e.g. this coffee has a lemon acidity AND tastes of lemon).

4 – Keep your coffee knowledge relevant – knowing the name of the farmer’s dog will not score you points.

5 – Accurate flavour descriptors score higher, conversely, inaccurate or overblown flavour descriptors will lose you points.

6 – Read the rules thoroughly and know where the large score multiplier (x) sections occur. Make sure that you work for these points.

1 – Each drink must contain 1 full espresso shot of 30ml +/-5ml. Espressos outside this measurement will lose points for flavour.

2 – Don’t rely on the venue to provide adequate freezing facilities. If you are using ice or iced components, have a means of freezing them yourself.

3 – Be aware that you lose a point for every second over 15 minutes, with automatic disqualification after 60 seconds.

4 – Watch past routines on Youtube to help visualise what competing will be like and to better understand the format, rules and flow of the competition.

5 – Enjoy yourself – judges are looking for an ambassador for speciality coffee: prove that you can engage people and share your passion with them.

UK Barista Championship 2014

Monday, December 16th, 2013

February 9, 2014 – February 12, 2014

View MapMap and Directions | Register


This year we’re doing things a little bit differently….so instead of holding individual regional heats, we’re hosting one super duper, mega super heat.

The super heat will be at Birmingham’s fabulous Millennium Point venue, and will run from 9th-12th February 2014 followed by the UKBC finals at London Coffee Festival , 3rd-6th April 2014.

All you have to do for now is register, stating your preferred 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of date to compete at the super heat, stating also your region of work (so we can calculate regional winners) and SCAE membership number.

Good Luck and we look forward to seeing you there!


2013 UK Barista Championships Top 20

Monday, April 1st, 2013

The SCAE UK Chapter UK Coffee Events team would like to thank all baristas who entered the 2013 UK Barista Championships.

UK Barista Championships

4 regional heats were held in 2013, hosted by Hale Events Ltd (Expowest Westcountry in Exeter), Pumphreys Coffee (Newcastle), Butterworth & Son (Bury St Edmunds) and Cafe Trade Ltd (Chester as part of the Chester Food, Drink and Lifestyle Festival).

The Top 20 Baristas from across the UK are invited to compete in London at The London Coffee Festival – hosted by Allegra – on Saturday 27 April 2013.

A running order for this event will be published later in the week.

Top 20 scores in descending order;

  • 592.5 Estelle Bright
  • 588.5 Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood
  • 588 Will Corby
  • 567.5 John Gordon
  • 567 Hugo Hercod
  • 566 Dan Fellows
  • 565 Jose Melim
  • 563.5 Shaun Young
  • 562 Joe Meagher
  • 530.5 Edita Chordacevic
  • 524 Wes Bond
  • 519 Chee Wong
  • 513.5 Peter Grosvenor-Attridge
  • 505.5 Alex Sargeant
  • 503 Xanne Carey
  • 493 Don Altizo
  • 492.5 Yann Chalmers
  • 480 Steve Dyson
  • 478.5 Nicola Peacock
  • 475 Catherine O’Shea

Follow the buildup on Twitter @scaeuk @ukbc @ukcoffeeevents and using the hashtag #ukbc2013