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Friday, November 14th, 2014

18th October 2014, 5pm

Location: Has Bean Coffee, Stafford

In attendance: Rob Ward, Gosia Lendzioszek, Dave Jones, Matt Lasek, Chris Hall, Denise Hall, Steve Leighton, Tom Booth, Jonny England, Rob Dunne, Rohan Potumpe, Natasha Kemp, Edgars Kazlousky, Edita Chodarcevic, Sonja Bjork Grant, Lyndsey Harley, Jamie Treby! !


Presented by Simon, Treasurer and Barista

This has been a very positive year, with a number of fixed contracts for sponsorship amounting to just under £40,000 of sponsorship last year. Due to a tightening of control of expenses, particularly judges expenses, total expenses were just over £26,000, resulting in net retained earnings of just over £13,500 along with £7,500 brought forward from last year meaning we are in a good financial position having approximately £21,000 going forward into next year.

The biggest expenses were in relation to the Superheat (Approx £11,500), judges expenses (Approx £6,500) and winners expenses (Approx £5,000)

Both Simon and Steve expressed their appreciation to those judges who had endeavored to keep the judges expenses at a minimum, whether by accepting costs personally as in many cases they would have been attending the event anyway or by employers generously meeting costs.

Steve put this into perspective by quoting the previous years figures where the full £60,000 sponsorship money was spent. This year the Superheat helped to reduce the overall costs. This was the first time ever SCAE UK had paid for a venue, whereas normally the hosts have paid for the venue.

Communications Co-ordinator – Chloe 

Apologies from Chloe. Steve Leighton spoke on her behalf.

Twitter has been a great way to communicate with baristas. Chloe has taken on a great deal of responsibility on a voluntary basis from a previous committee that was paid to do this job. She has dealt with the competitors entering , filtering any queries through to Steve and Denise. We are very lucky to have Chloe as the Communications Co-ordinator and she is doing a great job.

Competitions Co-ordinator – Denise


Denise said that she believed the UK had one of the best teams of judges in the world. Also we have the highest calibre of competitors in the world.

Denise thanked all those that helped at the Superheat. With special thanks given to Tim Sturk, Richard Hardwick, Jonathan Wadham, Sonja Grant for running judges certification and Jess McDonald for her substantial assistance with certification/judges last year.

We will again be having events at different venues/parts of the country. Whilst this may add additional dates it was asked that judges nearest to the events offer their skills as judges to keep costs at a minimum. Judges closest to a venue will be chosen in preference to those living further away.

Denise is looking for people to help with each competition on the day and people who would do some work maybe in advance with the venue. Please could you contact her if you would be interested.

Steve noted that last year was the first year that no complaints were received in relation to judges and this was put down to the professionalism demonstrated by judges at both the Superheat and London Coffee Festival. With special thanks going to Head Judges Jamie and Jochem.!

Education Co-ordinator – Tim


Apologies from Ben Townsend.

The team wanted to initiate something that was non competition based. The plan being quartlery coffee information evenings with the first one, a cupping workshop, on Tuesday 21 Oct. We have linked up with the International Coffee Organisation to use their facilities in London, but the first event will be held at Bank Street, with Noble Street Coffee, New York, who own farms and have the whole bean to cup journey included in their business presenting for 2 hours tasting and brewing coffees 6.30-8.30pm. Space limited to 40 people.

The next event will be at the ICO in January and further information will be announced on Twitter. We are also connecting with the Barista Guild and the education co-ordinators from around Europe, sharing resources using the CDS and so not trying to reinvent the wheel.

Steve indicated that there will be a lot more coming from the education sector as with the money in place it is looking to start doing things for roasters, shop owners, not just for baristas. As a chapter it is hoped that events will be aimed at the whole coffee community. That is the plan once the current competition season has taken place, With a view to looking forward to a summer event for other coffee professionals, not just the barista community.

Membership Committee – Jonathan


Apologies from Jonathan. Steve Leighton spoke on his behalf.

In April 2013, when Jonathan became Membership chair we had 158 members, as of 12 October we have 351. This is a positive as we are the biggest chapter in SCAE. We receive a rebate on all those memberships. A large number of these new memberships are judges and competitors who joined in order to take part in the UKBC, having not previously been required to be members to do so, as well as other new members wishing to join the SCAE community in the UK.

Jonathan asked that people contact him with any membership queries that they may have.

Steve acknowledged that the sponsorship from Pullman and Pulycaf last year were all the work of Jonathan and his is an amazing person to have on the team, with a personal thanks going to Jonathan from Steve.

National Co-ordinator – Steve

Steve took the position as National Co-ordinator in November last year after Lyndsey left the post as there was no one else that wanted to take the position. It was noted that Steve was coerced into the position during a drunken discussion in Milan, taking the role full time after the 2013 UKBC. Once the new sponsors are all signed up and we have a successful competition this year Steve will be stepping down as National Co-ordinator, but will still be part of the committee. The position of National Co-ordinator is available to anyone. “The wages are nil, the stresses are many and the pressure on your own business because you can’t focus on that is huge.” If you would like to stand for the position please do. It would be nice if anyone interested could get involved now to see how the position works for the next nine months before taking over.

Latte Art Competition – 13th December 2014 – Sponsored by La Marzocco

La Marzocco have not paid to be the sole sponsors, this was encouraged by Steve. It is a one year contract. Steve wanted them to show SCAE UK what an event it can be and that there would be value to them should they want to be sponsors next year. They’re going to have educational “stuff” going on La Mazocco-Style – “I’m sure there will be Pizza, Scalextrics and maybe Subbuteo in there”.

The “fun” nature of the event may make it more challenging for judges, but it should be a very exciting event.

Coffee in Good Spirits

This event possibly taking place at Cafe Culture in March, with it’s own stage along with the cupping competition. A meeting to discuss this will take place on Wednesday. There are currently no agreed sponsors although there are interested parties. One machine sponsor is required for the whole event covering the cost of the winner’s expenses going away and the judges costs, with no other charge to the sponsor.

Brewers Cup


There has been lots of interest from those wishing to host this event. As a committee we decided Waterloo Tea in Cardiff had the strongest offer. They will also run their tea event at the same time. The date is to be decided, although is likely to be January.

Cupping Competition


To be run alongside the Coffee in Good Spirits as Cafe Culture offers a great space to do this. Denise has been talking to Bunn with a view to them running this event.


Is there anyone who would like to sponsor this competition? Steve said that if he was not National Co-ordinator he would host the Ibrik competition and everybody would have to wear Fez’ who came to watch and there would be lots of beer involved!!
We are actively looking for a host for this competition. It is low cost. It requires a venue and flights to Greece, some accommodation and maybe a trophy and the judges normally judge for free as the person behind the main competition loves it so much she will find judges for us who won’t charge.



Essential Cafe were going to be hosting the whole competition. A deal with struck where they would manage all of the sponsorship and we would get a lump sum as a chapter come in. They would cover all the judges expenses. They would run the UKBC alongside their own event which is trade show. Handshakes and gentleman’s agreements where made which they backed out of at 7pm 17th October following Steve asking them for a contract before the AGM on 18th.

This means there is currently no venue for the finals and we do not have any sponsorship contracts in place as this was something that Essential Cafe were in the process of doing.

Machine Sponsorship


The machine sponsor is La Spaziali. There was talk of many companies putting bids in for the sponsorship of the event. As of the closing date we had no bids from sponsors. They were all recontacted again by different members of the committee and by Essential Cafe, with just one bid received from La Spaziali.

Grinder sponsorship

Two bids received from Mahlkonig and Simonelli. Simonelli are the chosen sponsors.

This decision was made not necessarily because theirs was the highest bid, but they were the strongest bid, willing to provide people on the ground, also a WC rep for the finals (Lauro Fioretti – Also a WBC judge) and technical support. The bids were incredibly close.

Water Sponsor


Pentair to sponsor for the next three years.

Other sponsors 


To be announced over the next few weeks.

Sponsorship committee

There is an amount of work to be done before the heats including signing contracts with sponsors. If anyone would like to look after a sponsor we would be grateful for that. There are approx 10-12 sponsors. It would be great to have a group of people who were part of a sponsorship committee who would volunteer and maybe look after two sponsors who you’d have to speak to once a month to see if there was anything they wanted from us as a chapter and report this back to the National Co-ordinator.

The loss of Arla as a sponsor last year cost £14,000 and Inter-America £5,000. These sponsor had simply not been contacted during their time as sponsors and they felt no one was looking after them.

Other matters


Tim Sturk has visited the Scotland venue and is very pleased with it. This space is now organised and paid for. Gratitude to all three heat hosts was expressed by Steve and SCAE UK.

There is a meeting on Wednesday re the finals with a view to maybe having this in Scotland and maybe back to London next year

Meeting adjourned approx 5.30pm

SCAE UK Chapter AGM Meeting

Friday, October 10th, 2014
We will be holding our annual AGM Saturday 18th October at Has Bean Coffee at 4pm, directly after the first day of this year’s judges certification and calibration.
The agenda will be as follows.
Message from Communications Chair
Message from Competitions Chair

Message from Education Chairs
Message from Membership Chair
Message from Treasurer
Message from NC
Sponsorship update on Latte Art
Sponsorship update on CIGS
Sponsorship update on Brewers Cup
Sponsorship update on Cupping comp
Sponsorship update on Ibrik
Sponsorship and long term approach to UKBC
Questions and any other business
If you are unable to attend, please forward any questions to before friday the 17th of october.
Minutes will be available as soon as possible after the meeting.


Essential Café to host SCAE UK Barista Championships for 2015

Friday, July 4th, 2014
Essential Café to host SCAE UK Barista Championships for 2015

In a major coup for Essential Café Magazine, 2015 will see the launch of a new event for the coffee shop and café industry called UK Barista Championships Live! which will host the SCAE UK Barista championships (UKBC) for 2015 and also offer a comprehensive showcase for the industry.

The move has come to offer a new impetus to the SCAE UK Barista Championships (UKBC) by calling on the industry relationship, reach and influence of Essential Café, as well as the considerable experience of providing trade and consumer facing events offered by All Things Media (ATM) parent company of Essential Café Magazine.

Steve Leighton, national coordinator for the SCAE UK chapter says: “The SCAE UK Barista Championships (UKBC) are hugely important to the chapter and for the café and coffee industry in the UK. We are delighted to be partnering in this collaboration with Essential Café in order to increase the awareness, impact and credibility of this already hugely successful initiative, but also lay some foundations for the years to come in this three year partnership.”

David Kitchener, publishing director of Essential Café magazine, adds: “We are delighted to be able
to act as hosts for this fantastic event. We will be able to use Essential Café Magazine to promote the event to the trade like never before and use our expertise in live events to give the heats and finals the platform they deserve.”

Exciting sponsorship opportunities will be available to manufacturers, distributors and service providers active in the hospitality sector. Operating on a sealed bid basis, the categories will include Coffee Machines, Grinders and Water. All other sponsorship opportunities will be dealt with outside of the sealed bid process.

More information on location and dates for the heats and the finals will be released very soon. Meanwhile email or for details on the deal or more information on sponsorship opportunities.

About the SCAE UK?

The overriding goal of SCAE UK is to spread the knowledge of great coffee. Whether this is through entering any of the competitions the organisation oversees or by attending any of the training events it hosts throughout the year. SCAE UK is also about fun and friendship. The competitions are not only a great way to learn but also about meeting other people in the UKs ever expanding coffee industry and forging great new friendships and contacts. SCAE UK is an association with a growing number of members, who are looking for coffee excellence. Members come from all areas of the coffee industry, from machine manufacturers to roasters, café owners and ancillary suppliers.

About Essential Café

Essential Café is the only monthly dedicated trade magazine for the UK café, coffee shop and hospitality industry. Working right at the coalface of the industry, the magazine brings the very latest news, views, comment, features and facts about this fast-paced and on-trend sector. Putting editorial quality, design and highly targeted circulation at its core, Essential Café offers the definitive guide to the industry it serves., +44 (0)1634 673163

– END –

All Things Media Ltd, Suite 4, 6-8 Revenge Road, Lordswood, Chatham, Kent ME5 8UD Tel: +44 (0)1634 673163 Fax: +44 (0)1634 673173 Registered in England No: 8823084

Important SCAE UK Chapter News

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Issued: 09 August 2013

SCAE UK Chapter Meeting

Following our previous communication to members regarding the restructure of SCAE Chapters, I would like to cordially invite you to the SCAE UK Chapter meeting as follows:

Date: Tuesday 3rd September 2013

Time: 6pm

Location: The London Canal Museum, 12-13 New Wharf Road, London N1 9RT.

At this meeting, there will be a vote for the new SCAE UK Chapter Board. There will also be a presentation of the new SCAE strategy, new Chapter structure and an opportunity for members to participate, offer ideas and ask questions.

The plan is to take the pressure off just one person (the National Coordinator) and to share responsibility, and the new structure will be based on a board, which will include responsibilities as follows:

  • National Coordinator
  • Membership
  • Education
  • Events and Competitions
  • Communication

Details of the Chapter Board roles and responsibilities can be downloaded (click here)

National Coordinator role and responsibilities can be downloaded (click here)

The UK is the third Chapter to undergo the reorganisation under the new strategy. In Austria and Germany were nominated and accepted by members without a vote. However, because we have had so much interest in the new UK Chapter, we have decided to hold an election if you wish to nominate yourself or for the Board or a working group then you may do so.

The election process will be undertaken as follows:-

  1. Nominations to be emailed to Jayne Richards, by 23rd August 2013 including a CV with no more than 100 words
  2. SCAE will send a list of the nominees to all UK members on Monday 26th August 2013
  3. A vote on SCAE Chapter Board will take place at the SCAE UK Chapter meeting on 3rd September 2013
  4. Votes can be emailed to Jayne by midday 2nd September 2013 for members who cannot attend the meeting
  5. The votes will be counted at the meeting and the successful candidates, once ratified, will be announced to the SCAE UK members within 3 working days
  6. SCAE may also , if appropriate, co-opt additional members to the Board

Please note membership payments must be up to date for the vote to be counted and only existing members as at 23rd August 2013 will be able to vote on 3rd September.

I look forward to meeting with you.

Kind Regards,

David Veal,

SCAE Executive Director

UKBC Regional Heat 1 Running Order

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

2013 UK Barista Championships Regional Heat 1

SCAE UK Chapter and UK Coffee Events are pleased to announce the running order for Regional Heat 1 hosted by Hale Events at Expowest Westcountry in Exeter on 06/07 February 2013.

The show address is Westpoint Exhibition Centre Exeter, Devon EX5 1DJ and entry to the show is free

Register online at

Expowest Westcountry

Follow this event on Twitter @expowest_uk  or @ukbc and via the hashtags #ukbcht1 and #ukbc2013

The 2013 UK Barista Championships Regional Heat 1 Entrants are

Competitor First Name Last Name Date Time
1 Toby Frere 06 Feb 1000
2 Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood 06 Feb 1100
3 Mark Williams 06 Feb 1200
4 Jason Gonzalez 06 Feb 1300
5 Ryan Brodie 07 Feb 1000
6 Hugo Hercod 07 Feb 1100
7 Xanne Carey 07 Feb 1200
8 Sam Dunford 07 Feb 1300
9 Peter Grosvenor-Attridge 07 Feb 1400

UK Coffee Events Registration Update

Saturday, January 19th, 2013

In addition to the UK Barista Championships, UK Coffee Events – the competition and events arm of the SCAE UK Chapter) runs the UK Cup Tasters Competition, UK Coffee in Good Spirits, UK Brewers Cup, UK Latte Art Championship and the UK Cezve / Ibrik Competition

Registration for these events is managed online at and entry has been set at £25 per person per event

All of the events listed below will be taking place at The London Coffee Festival , hosted by Allegra Events

Follow The London Coffee Festival on Twitter @LdnCoffeeFest

Registration will close for each event 1 week prior or when the event fills up

 25 April 2013

UK Cup Tasting

UK Cup Tasters Competition

Available Spaces: 4

Twitter #ukcuptasters2013


UK Coffee in Good Spirits

UK Coffee in Good Spirits

Available Spaces: 10

Please Note: This event needs at least 3 entrants to go ahead. 1 more currently required

Twitter #ukcigs2013


26 April 2013

Uk Brewers Cup

UK Brewers Cup

Available Spaces: 0

This event is fully subscribed

Twitter #ukbrewerscup2013

UK Latte Art Championship

UK Latte Art Championship

Available Spaces: 0

This event is fully subscribed

Twitter #uklatteart2013


28 April 2013

UK Cezve / Ibrik Competition

UK Cezve / Ibrik Competition

Available Spaces: 6

Please Note: This event needs at least 3 entrants to go ahead. 3 more currently required

Twitter #ukibrik2013

We’re having a makeover

Friday, January 18th, 2013

The SCAE UK Chapter team has been working hard behind the scenes to organise the 2013 UK Coffee Events.

A major part of our focus over the past few months has been to make the SCAE UK and UK Coffee Events more accessible.

To help give you a voice, we have created 2 new Facebook pages

SCAE UK Chapter

UK Coffee Events

We will be retiring the existing UK Barista Championships page at the end of January 2013.

With the first event of the 2013 competition season rapidly approaching we are pleased to unveil our new suite of UK Coffee Events logos.

click to enlarge

UK Coffee Events sets apart the competitions and events from the focus of the SCAE UK Chapter which is trade and consumer education and to create awareness of speciality coffee in the UK.

Keep an eye out for the new UK Coffee Events Logo in the press and on our sponsors websites, packaging, products and merchandise.

click to visit the UK Coffee Events website

All UK Coffee Events information can be found on the new website which is also used for competitor registration to the events

To become a member of SCAE UK please download the membership application form

Follow @scaeuk and @ukcoffeeevents for more information


SCAE UK and UK Coffee Events Committee Positions

Monday, August 27th, 2012

The positions identified on the document linked to below are integral to the successful running of the SCAE UK Chapter, which includes the UK Coffee Events competitions feeding into the World Coffee Events framework.

In 2012 these roles were filled by 7 people and we would like to open this to a wider working party.

Should you wish to enquire about a specific role or register your interest in fulfilling any of these positions please contact

Further information on each role will be made available upon request.

Click here to view the available positions and get involved in the running of the SCAE UK Chapter.


UKCE 2013 Host Requirements

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

Planning for the 2013 UK Coffee Events Competitions is underway and we are already receiving interest from Baristas.

We are seeking hosts for the 2013 season and have published the UKCE 2013 Host Requirements Document.

Please download the document and contact Jamie Banwell if you would like to be considered as a Host for 2013.

Traditionally the competitions run from late January to late March and the final will be held at The London Coffee Festival 25-28 April 2013.

If you would like to see a UKCE Regional Heat in your area then contact with the name of the venue or the host that you would like to see. We’d be happy to get in touch directly.





UKBC 2012 Top 20 Scores

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

UKBC 2012 Finalists

photo courtesy of Glenn Watson (

UKBC 2012 Final
Placing Score Barista
1 607 Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood
2 595 James Bailey
3 585 Howard Barwick
4 582 Mark Lamberton
5 550 Dale Harris
6 549 Dan Fellows
UKBC 2012 Semifinal
Placing Score Barista
1 621.5 Dale Harris
2 602.5 Dan Fellows
3 599 James Bailey
4 598.5 Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood
5 591 Howard Barwick
6 589 Mark Lamberton
7 565.5 Sang Ho Park
8 544 Gordon Howell
9 508 Stuart Archer
10 497.5 Sam Dunford
11 492.5 Alex Sargent
12 479 Dave Jones
13 470 Rummy Keshett
14 468.5 Dan Shannon
15 444.5 Steve Dyson
16 435.5 Mark Pooley
17 421 Thom Harlow
18 394.5 Joe Beaver
19 433 Matthew Robley-Siemonsma
20 355 Laura Timpany


Certificates for Best Espresso, Best Cappuccino and Best Signature Drink were also awarded

Best Espresso James Bailey
Best Cappuccino Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood
Best Signature Drink James Bailey


For further information please click here

More images from the UKBC here

Please direct any media enquiries to