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#UKBC Finals Results

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

Ok, so we’ve got some scores for you……

At the end of today’s finals, we can reveal the following positions.

Maxwell Colonna Smalls – 636

Dale Harris – 635

Jana Slamova – 562

Dan Fellows – 559

Estelle Bright – 553

Diana Johnston – 515.5

Best espresso goes to Dale Harris

Best cappuccino goes to Maxwell Colonna Dashwood

Best signature drink goes to Dale Harris

We’re delighted to announce that Maxwell Colonna Dashwood is our UK Barista Champion and will be going through to compete in the World Barista Championships in Seattle.



Team UK at SCAE World of Coffee Vienna

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

At the 2012 SCAE World of Coffee exhibition in Vienna, Raul Rodas from Guatemala was crowned 2012 World Barista Champion, becoming the second producing nation barista to take home this coveted accolade.

Congratulations also to Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood of the UK for his 6th placing in his first World Barista Championships.

Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood - 6th Place - WBC


2012 WBC Finalists and Placing

  1. Raul Rodas – Guatemala
  2. Fabrizio Sencion Ramirez – Mexico
  3. Colin Harmon – Ireland
  4. Miki Suzuki – Japan
  5. Stefanos Domatiotis – Greece
  6. Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood – United Kingdom

Incorporating the World Barista Championships, World Brewers Cup Championships, World Cup Tasters Championships, World Cezve/Ibrik Championships and the World Coffee Roasters Challenge, the SCAE World of Coffee exhibition took place over 4 days in Vienna – 12-15 June.

A huge thankyou should go to the SCAE Events team, WBC organisers and hoards of amazing volunteers who gave up their time to staff this event, making it the most memorable coffee experience I have had in the past couple of years.

I had the privilege of photographing the majority of WBC competitors and also access to the other World Coffee Events (WCE) competitions events taking place. Images from the SCAE World of Coffee 2012 can be found on my Flickr account and selected images will also be featured in trade publications such as Essential Cafe which will be running a full article in the next issue.

2012 World Brewers Cup Finalists

L to R: (2) Andy Sprenger – USA, (1) Matt Perger – Australia, (3) – Christos Loukakis – Greece, (4) Anthony Benda – Canada, (5) James Bailey – UK, (6) Robert Gruber – Austria

James Bailey - 5th Place - Brewers Cup

2012 World Cup Tasters Results

  1. Cory Andreen – Germany
  2. Tassos Moschopoulos – Greece
  3. Kim Ossenblok – Spain

Lynsey Harley represented Team UK. Scores of 7 and 8′s were required to make the final in this fantastic competition which was well attended.

Lynsey Harley - Cup Taster


2012 World Cezve/Ibrik Results

  1. Zoltan Kis – Hungary
  2. Stavros Lamprinidis – Greece
  3. Havva Kaba – United Kingdom

Representing UK in the Cezve / Ibrik was 2011 winner Havva Kaba, who came 3rd in the competition

Havva Kaba - 3rd Place - Cezve/Ibrik

We’re immensely proud of Team UK who all put in amazing performances.

Peter Attridge (Latte Art) and Dan Fellows (Coffee in Good Spirits) are still to compete and will be in action in November at the Cafe and Bakery Show in Seoul, Korea.

I hope you’ll join with me in congratulating all of Team UK and in wishing Peter and Dan well for their competitions later in the year.

Photos and article courtesy of Glenn Watson (


Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood makes WBC Final

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Bath based coffeeshop owner Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood is to compete in the Final of the 2012 World Barista Championships in Vienna.

Following a great performance yesterday, Maxwell performed his UKBC winning routine in front of an appreciative crowd and judges during the semifinal.

Logon to  the live stream to watch his performance just after 1030 UK time on Friday.

Team UK wishes Mawell the best of luck.

No matter what happens, he takes home a trophy, just which one is still yet to be decided.

UKBC 2012 Top 20 Scores

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

UKBC 2012 Finalists

photo courtesy of Glenn Watson (

UKBC 2012 Final
Placing Score Barista
1 607 Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood
2 595 James Bailey
3 585 Howard Barwick
4 582 Mark Lamberton
5 550 Dale Harris
6 549 Dan Fellows
UKBC 2012 Semifinal
Placing Score Barista
1 621.5 Dale Harris
2 602.5 Dan Fellows
3 599 James Bailey
4 598.5 Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood
5 591 Howard Barwick
6 589 Mark Lamberton
7 565.5 Sang Ho Park
8 544 Gordon Howell
9 508 Stuart Archer
10 497.5 Sam Dunford
11 492.5 Alex Sargent
12 479 Dave Jones
13 470 Rummy Keshett
14 468.5 Dan Shannon
15 444.5 Steve Dyson
16 435.5 Mark Pooley
17 421 Thom Harlow
18 394.5 Joe Beaver
19 433 Matthew Robley-Siemonsma
20 355 Laura Timpany


Certificates for Best Espresso, Best Cappuccino and Best Signature Drink were also awarded

Best Espresso James Bailey
Best Cappuccino Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood
Best Signature Drink James Bailey


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More images from the UKBC here

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Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood wins 2012 UK Barista Championship

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

The SCAE UK Chapter held both the semi-final and final rounds of the UK Barista Championship at The London Coffee Festival on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 April 2012. The event, hosted by Allegra, saw the 20 top scoring baristas from the 6 regional heats, perform their routines in front of 4 Sensory Judges, 2 Technical Judges, 1 Head Judge, a packed spectator arena, and an international audience via the live video stream.

To evaluate all 20 competitors in one day, 2 teams of judges were in rotation. During their performance the competitor must prepare and serve 4 espressos, 4 cappuccinos and 4 non-alcoholic espresso-based signature drinks. With a requirement to take at least 2 sips of each drink type placed before them, each judge consumes quite a large amount of coffee.

An emotionally charged finalists announcement revealed that 3 of the 6 finalists were newcomers to the UKBC, not having competed in this event before, and therefore the final would decide who would win the Best Newcomer prize category sponsored by Union Hand Roasted.

The six finalists were Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, James Bailey, Howard Barwick, Mark Lamberton, Dale Harris and Dan Fellows, who ran through their routine once again in front of a well-calibrated team, which included 3 World Coffee Events certified judges.

SCAE UK Organising Committee Member Glenn Watson comments “We made the right choice holding the UKBC Final at The London Coffee Festival. We were overwhelmed by the interest shown by consumers and industry professionals alike, creating great exposure for our sponsors and chosen charity, Coffee Kids. During the semi-final and finals it was standing room only. We would particularly like to thank all of the volunteers who helped make the event run smoothly, and to all baristas and their supporters for making this the best UKBC yet”.

The scores for the top 6 this year were quite tightly bunched with only 1 point separating fifth and sixth places and 3 points separating third and fourth, making it impossible to predict the result from the sidelines. The certificates for Best Espresso and Best Signature Drink were awarded to James Bailey. Best Cappuccino was awarded to Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood.

James Bailey was announced Best Newcomer and will be invited to attend a trip to a producing country with roasted coffee supplier Union Hand-Roasted.

Speaking after being crowned 2012 UK Barista Champion, Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood said “Everything we do at our coffee shop (Colonna and Smalls in Bath) is aimed to enthuse our customers about coffee. I’m now in a very privileged position and hope to continue to enthuse and engage with people and make great coffee, which I love to do. I would like to thank the previous UK Barista Champions for setting such a high standard and will do my best to uphold the tradition of driving awareness. I’m now in a very privileged position and am grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity. I am particularly looking forward to meeting the winners from other competing nations at the World Barista Championships. I will be working with our roaster to select a new coffee and construct a new routine over the next 6 weeks. But firstly, I am looking forward to coming back down to earth and working the bar. I’ll need to make space above the fireplace for my trophy ”.

Maxwell used two different coffee’s roasted by Cornwall based Origin Coffee Roasters. For his cappuccinos he used Lambari, a pulped-natural from Brazil, which tasted of peanut brittle and fudge. The espresso and signature drinks were made with Sacof Rolindo, a Rwandan Cup of Excellence coffee. The signature drink was prepared using ruby grapefruit with sparkling water, resulting in reduced acidity and brought out caramel and hops flavours. This was mixed with a root licorice and star anise to add more tart, sharp, fruity notes, and accentuated the weight and length of finish.

Maxwell will now represent the United Kingdom at the World Barista Championships in Vienna, Austria on 12th-15th June 2012.

photo courtesy of Glenn Watson (

UKBC 2012 SouthWest Heat Results

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

Dale Harris of Has Bean completed a clean sweep of all drink categories, taking awards for Best Espresso, Best Cappuccino and Best Signature Drink, in addition to winning the 2012 UKBC SouthWest Heat held at the Westcountry Catering Exhibition at Expowest on 08/09 February 2012.

The UKBC has a strong following in the SouthWest, with a growing number of roasters and coffee shops operating in this region. Host Peter Sugden and the Expowest team always make us feel welcome. Thank you for the support Peter !

Dale had some strong competition in this heat, with Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood (co-owner of Colonna and Smalls coffee shop in Bath) and Dave Jones (Origin Coffee) taking podium places, not too far behind in points.

Dale and Maxwell both competed in the final of last years UK Barista Championships and had both been predicted to do well at this heat.

The coffee Dale used was from Finca Santuario in Colombia. Last year his roaster / employer Has Bean coffee  carried typica and bourbon selections from the same farm which Dale presented to the judges.

Maria Dragan was on hand to capture images of this heat, and had been following barista Alex Passmore in the buildup to his event. Her images can be found on the SCAE UK Flickr stream

Thank you Maria for providing such a vibrant set of images – you’ve well and truly captured the spirit of the event!

The attention now turns to Newcastle where hosts Pumphrey’s Coffee are gearing up to welcome Northern baristas on 17 February. Follow the buildup on Twitter with the hashtag #ukbcht3

Once all heats have been completed, the Best Newcomer prizewinner will also be announced. This prize has been sponsored by Union Hand Roasted.

Keep an eye out on this site over the next few days for the updated leaderboard (top 20 places) in the UKBC so far.