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UK Coffee In Good Spirits Championship 2015

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

May 13, 2015 – May 13, 2015

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May 13, 2015 – May 13, 2015


We’re delighted to announce that the UK Coffee In Good Spirits Championship registrations will go live at 5pm today and close 5pm Tuesday 5th May or when we fill all 24 competitor places.

The competition will be held 13th May 2015 at Caffe Culture - you can register for your free tickets to the event here

Our UK champion will go through to compete in the World Coffee In Good Spirits Championship held in Gothenburg at the World of Coffee event.

Please note that 2015 CIGS competition will follow the same format as last year’s competition with the final round being run only, there will be no preliminary round. Please take time to go over the rules.

Don’t forget that in order to compete in any SCAE uK competitions you need to be a current SCAE member or work for a company that has SCAE company membership. Join the SCAE Here 



Cimbali announced as the official sponsor of UK Coffee In Good Spirits 2015

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

It’s official, the SCAE UK Coffee in Good Spirits competition, the home of the  best alcoholic signature drinks in the country, will this year take place at Caffe Culture, London and benefit from the support of La Cimbali, the world’s largest coffee machine manufacturer as headline sponsor.

La Cimbali, with a 100 year brand heritage, manufactures some of the most technically advanced, traditional espresso machines in the world.  As part of the sponsorship package, the bar keepers and baristas who enter Coffee in Good Spirits will use Cimbali’s award winning M100 espresso machine and Magnum on demand grinders to produce their signature coffee cocktails and Irish Coffees.

The M100 features an exclusive thermal system consisting of a 10 litre steam boiler and Cimbali heat exchangers which pre-heat the water before entering individual coffee boilers for each group, which will maintain incredible temperature stability. A different water temperature can be set for each group head which allows for greater flexibility across the speciality coffee menu.

For the purposes of the competition, the water temperature will be pre-set at the same level for each competitor.   As the M100 can be relied on to deliver consistent espresso quality at a predetermined temperature, the barista is free to concentrate on delivering a perfect mix, knowing the coffee is taken care of.

The World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship promotes innovative beverage recipes that showcase coffee and spirits in a competition format.  This competition highlights the barista/barkeeper’s mixology skills in a setting where coffee and alcohol go perfectly together. From the traditional Irish Coffee (with whiskey and coffee), to unique cocktail combinations.

During the preliminary round, competitors produce four drinks – two identical hot/warm coffee and alcohol-based designer drinks, and two identical cold coffee and alcohol-based designer drinks. The six competitors with the highest preliminary round scores will compete in the final round. The final round requires competitors to produce two Irish Coffees and two coffee-and-alcohol-based designer drinks. The highest scoring final round competitor will be named the World Coffee in Good Spirits Champion. The winner of the competition will represent the UK at the Coffee in Good Spirits in Gothenburg in June 2015.

Caffe Culture, 13-14th May, Olympia,  now in its 10th year, is the nation’s leading gathering place for the café and coffee community and continues to bring together all those who have a passion for pushing the industry forward. Whether a start-up or an experienced coffee shop operator,  Caffè Culture is the place to be to discover, learn, share and celebrate all that is great about the industry.

Rob Ward, Gruppo Cimbali/Mumac Academy Coffee Specialist and UKBC Sensory Judge said:  “Cimbali is extremely thrilled to be a part of a competition which showcases the growing creativity of some our leading baristas and bar keepers.

“Anyone who enters a competition such as CIGS has a clear passion for what they do so I am very interested to see how these enthusiastic and creative baristas use our flagship machine, the M100, to creative innovative signature drinks.”

Stephen Leighton, Managing Director of Has Bean Coffee and SCAE UK National Co-ordinator said  “I’m really excited about this new partnership with Cimbali, and Caffe Culture. This is the first time Cimbali has worked with a competition like this in the UK. I think this is a great opportunity to work with this long established company and the ever increasingly popular CIGS competition – at this prestigious show.

Caffe Culture To Host UK CIGS & Cup Tasters Competitions

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

The Caffè Culture Show will host the SCAE Coffee In Good Spirits and UK Cup Tasters Competitions on the 13th and 14th May 2015 at London’s Olympia, Upper Streets Events can announce.

To mark the ten year anniversary of the leading trade event for the café sector, the best talents in the barista world will compete in two fiercely-contested battles with the winners representing Great Britain at the World of Coffee in Gothenburg in June 2015.

Steve Leighton, SCAE National Coordinator, has commented, “It’s wonderful that the SCAE UK chapter and Upper Street Events are working together on the Coffee in Good Spirits and the UK Cup Tasters competitions – the Caffè Culture show is the perfect platform to raise the stakes for these amazing competitions and we’re so happy to be working together”.

Cheryl Carroll, Event Director of the Caffè Culture Show continued, “We’re absolutely thrilled to be working with the SCAE to give these competitions a fitting home and are very excited about this new element of the show. We know the show’s visitors have a huge appetite to learn more from the most innovative minds in the business, and we can’t wait to see what the nation’s leading baristas have in store for us when they come together at Olympia”.

With already over 65% of the floorplan now allocated and with more new feature content just being finalised, the 10th birthday show is looking set to be one of the best yet so not one to be missed.


Coffee In Good Spirits Needs YOU

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Firstly – there is a UK title up for grabs.

Secondly –  the winner gets to go to Australia to represent their country.

Lastly – for some reason practising when there’s alcohol involved is just more fun.

With this in mind, we want this competition to be fun, well participated with passionate skilled baristas, we also want it to be massively well supported at the finals.

With the  The London Coffee Festival and the UK Barista Championship finals only a month away, we would like to give those of you that are thinking of entering an insight into the world of coffee and good spirits.

So, we are running a coffee in good spirits Jam/workshop in London at Prufrock Coffee on the 13th March 2014 at 6.30pm.

Gordon Howell who represented the UK last year and came 3rd in the World Coffee In Good Spirits Championship will be our guide for the evening as he talks us through his routine from Nice last year.

Through the evening we will touch on rules, regulations and scoresheets and help to explain the format of the competition, but the focus of the evening will be to give more of an insight into how to perform and prepare for the competition.

If nothing else it’s an opportunity to network, have fun and drink some booze (oh and some coffee too).

There will be an opportunity to discuss any aspect of the competition at the end of the session.

For Preparation for the Workshop we ask that you all please study the information on , concentrating on the final round scoresheets (technical/sensory/head judge). Write down any questions you have about them for us to explain and discuss at the end of the workshop. All the documents can be downloaded from the WBC or SCAE UK website, you will also find links to videos of past performances, should you wish to study them.

SCAE membership is a requirement for entry. This can be a personal membership or that of your employer. You can join here

The UK finals will be based on the final round of the World competition where each competitor has 5 minutes to set up their work area and then 8 minutes to prepare two perfect Irish Coffees and two of their own signature hot or cold coffee cocktail.

Take a look at our information page on the competition.

If you wish to attend this evening of fun and frolics please email to confirm your interest.


Final Call for UK Coffee in Good Spirits competitors

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

The 2013 UK Coffee in Good Spirits competition is scheduled to take place at The London Coffee Festival on Thursday 25 April.

2013 UK Coffee in Good Spirts

Please Note: Subject to minimum numbers being met, the Finals Round only will be held in 2013

The final round requires competitors to produce two Irish Coffees and two coffee-and-alcohol-based designer drinks

At this time only 2 registrations have been received. We require at least 3 entrants in order to run the event.

Online registration for the 2013 UK Coffee in Good Spirits competition closes at midnight on 28 February 2013.

If the minimum number of entrants is not reached, the 2013 UK Coffee in Good Spirits Competition will not go ahead and the 2013 UK Latte Art Championships will be extended to fill this space.

2013 UK Latte Art Championships

A waitlist for this event is already in operation. Please email if you wish to join the waitlist and be notified if this competition will be opened to more entrants.



Team UK return from Korea with a trophy

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Team UK returned from the Cafe & Bakery Fair in Seoul with an extra item of luggage in the form of a 4th Place trophy – won by Dan Fellows in the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championships.

Dan Fellows (2012 UK Coffee in Good Spirits Champion / 4th Place World Coffee in Good Spirits) and Liina Nutman (2012 3rd place UK Latte Art) represented the UK, ably assisted by Sang Ho Park, who provided valuable support over the past week.

On behalf of the SCAE UK Chapter we’d like to congratulate both Dan and Liina on their performances and thank Sang Ho for his valuable assistance.

Videos of the performances are available on the World Coffee Events Livestream site

Registrations will open in December for the 2013 UK Coffee in Good Spirits, UK Latte Art, UK Brewers Cup, UK Brewers Cup and UK Cezve / Ibrik and UK Cup Tasters competitions.

Registration details and further competition information will be available towards the end of November.


UKBC 2012 Midlands Heat Running Order

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

This years Midlands Heat is being held at

The Space – Norwich (Roundtree Way, Norwich NR7 8SQ)

hosted by Mad About Coffee – on Saturday 03 March 2012

We have 13 competitors lined up, and 2 teams of judges to get through them all on time, and leave the Sensory Judges palates intact!

If you cannot make it to the event please follow #ukbcht4 for updates

We are still accepting volunteer applications – please email if you are interested

13 baristas are competing and their performance times* are as follows;

Saturday 03 March

  • 0955 Alex Sargeant
  • 1025 Liam Ward
  • 1055 Howard Barwick
  • 1135 Alex Bitsios
  • 1205 Luke Evans
  • 1245 Matthew Roberts
  • 1315 Don Altizo
  • 1355 Ewa Skarbinska
  • 1425 Alex Redgate
  • 1505 Thomas Kettle
  • 1535 Michelle Warne
  • 1615 Neil Scopes
  • 1645 Callum Hale-Thompson

*with 13 competitors this will be an action packed event and times may need to vary slightly throughout the day

Please dig deep for Coffee Kids

We have collected an outstanding £312.79 for Coffee Kids this competition season. Lets see if we can continue to help this worthy cause.

Any donations for drinks consumed on the exhibition machines provided by San Remo and manned by the volunteers and baristas are gratefully received.

Still time to apply for Northern Ireland UKBC Heat

We now have entrants for the Northern Ireland heat on 20 March. Applications for the Northern Ireland Heat are still being accepted too. If you’ve been inspired by performances so far, or the Best Newcomer Prize  sponsored by Union Hand Roasted then please download and fill in an application form as soon as possible.

UK Coffee Events at Hotelympia

If you’re attending the Latte Art or Coffee in Good Spirits events at Hotelympia (hosted by Fresh RM) this week please ensure you have pre-registered to avoid the £30 on the door charge Register Here

Coffee in Good Spirits takes place on Wed 29th Feb, with Latte Art taking place on Thu 01st Mar. Both events start at 1030

We look forward to bringing you results from these events later in the week



Coffee in Good Spirits, Cezve / Ibrik and Latte Art Competition at Hotelympia

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

On 29 February and 01 March the Coffee in Good Spirits, Cezve / Ibrik and Latte Art competitions will be held at Hotelympia

The provisional timings are as follows;

Wed 29th

  • 0930 Judges calibration
  • 1230 Coffee in Good Spirits
  • 1430 Cezve / Ibrik

 Thu 1st

  • 1030 Latte Art

We are still accepting entries into each of these competitions.

The following people have entered already. If your name is not on this list and you would like to enter please email Jamie Banwell – events coordinator to reserve your place.

Latte Art

Dave Jones
Matthew Woolley
Sam Dunford
Cosmin Mihailov
Luke Evans
Sam Abdelsalam
Sang Ho Park
Peter Attridge
Davide Burse

Coffee in Good Spirits

Richard Dixon-Teasdale
Oliver Brown

Cezve / Ibrik

As yet we have had no entrants for this competition

Visit the SCAE UK website to download the rules and applications forms for each event.

Entry is only £25 and the odds of winning are pretty good!

UK Coffee Events Update

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

When the postman that delivers to the UK Coffee Events coordinators address woke up this morning he probably didn’t expect to be delivering a rather large pile of mail. Normally a few letters and bills get posted through the slot, but this time there was a knock on the door, distracting Jamie from his morning brew. He spent the next few minutes signing for the letters (many of which had been sent recorded), and the next hour and a half updating the competitor entry forms for the UKBC, Latte Art, Coffee in Good Spirits, Cup Tasting and UK Brewers Cup competitions.

Sadly the postie hadn’t delivered any entries for the UKBC Northern Ireland Heat or the Cezve / Ibrik competition.

As at 24 January we had no confirmed entries for many of the events

However, after todays flurry of activity we now have;

  • 8 out of 12 places filled for the Latte Art competition
  • 18 entrants for Cup tasting (with a reserve list now in place)
  • 2 entrants for Coffee in Good Spirits
  • 3 entrants for the UK Brewers Cup

Entry deadlines have now been extended until 10 February (unless the spaces fill up earlier)

Entry forms can be downloaded from the relevant competition’s page on the SCAE UK website

Thank you to all entrants who sent their entry forms in. Receipt will be acknowledged early next week once the first UKBC regional heat has been concluded as our focus is on putting the finishing touches in place for this even which starts on Friday.

Good luck to all who are competing in 2012.