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#UKBC2014 Super Heat End of Day 4 – Results

Today, the finale of this years UK barista Championship Super Heat, kicked off with a bang with two incredible performances by Dale Harris and John Gordon. The pace didn’t let up as we saw 13 baristas compete across the day, with Cup Tasters running alongside, culminating in a fascinating and confident routine by Maxwell Colonna Dashwood.

The scores for those competing on day 4 are below

Dale Harris – Hasbean – 603.5

John Gordon – Square Mile – 593.5

Gayan Munaweera – United Coffee -

Joe Meagher – Flat Caps Coffee – 581

Dan Fellows – Origin Coffee – 562.5

Tom Hamlyn – Cafedirect London- 385

Jason Gonzalez – Colonna and Smalls – 471.5

Ivan Hewitt – Strangers with Coffee – 292.5

Stuart Archer – Pumphrey’s Coffee – 294.5

James Green – Coco Jambo – 356

Daisy Rea – Pumphrey’s Coffee – 337

Eve Purdy – Pumphrey’s Coffee – 417

Maxwell Colonna Dashwood – Colonna and Smalls – 616.5

The following top scoring Cup Tasters will be going through to the final of the competition at The London Coffee Festival where the winner will go on to compete in the World Cup Tasters challenge at the SCAE World of Coffee show in Rimini.

TJ Phillips

Jason Gonzalez

Alex Passmore

Maxwell Colonna Dashwood

Katherine Macarthy

Dennis Tutbury

As per the last three days, our sponsor Sanremo awarded the following best drinks of the day:

Best espresso – Joe Meagher

Best cappuccino – Maxwell Colonna Dashwood

Best signature drink – Dale Harris

So, after four intense days of competitions here at Birmingham’s Millennium Point, we have the following baristas going through to the finals of the UK Barista Championships at The London Coffee Festival to compete for a place in the World Barista Championships which will be held at the SCAE World of Coffee show in Rimini.

Maxwell Colonna Dashwood

Dale Harris

John Gordon

Darryl Docherty

Estelle Bright

Joe Meagher

Dan Fellows

Diana Johnston

Heidi Beeton

Ewan Osprey-Allan

Casper Steel

Don Altizo

Imogen Ludman

Steve Pearson

Alex Passmore

Chris Walton

Emiliya Yordonova

Mark Williams

Jason Gonzalez

Laura Holmes

See you in London!


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