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UK Latte Art Championship 2015 Registration is Open!
Hurry only 25 places available for the December 13th event!...
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2015 UK Barista Championships Machine Sponsor Announced
La Spaziale announced as machine sponsor for UKBC Live...
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2015 UK Barista Championships Grinder Sponsor Announced
Nuova Simonelli's Mythos One announced as official grinder for UKBC Live...
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2015 UK Barista Championships Machine Water Announced
Pentair foodservice announced as water sponsor for UKBC Live...
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La Marzocco UK to host 2015 SCAE UK Latte Art Championship
La Marzocco UK announced as hosts for the 2015 SCAE UK Latte Art Championship...
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    SCAE UK News Updates

    SCAE UK AGM Minutes

    November 14th, 2014

    18th October 2014, 5pm

    Location: Has Bean Coffee, Stafford

    In attendance: Rob Ward, Gosia Lendzioszek, Dave Jones, Matt Lasek, Chris Hall, Denise Hall, Steve Leighton, Tom Booth, Jonny England, Rob Dunne, Rohan Potumpe, Natasha Kemp, Edgars Kazlousky, Edita Chodarcevic, Sonja Bjork Grant, Lyndsey Harley, Jamie Treby! !


    Presented by Simon, Treasurer and Barista

    This has been a very positive year, with a number of fixed contracts for sponsorship amounting to just under £40,000 of sponsorship last year. Due to a tightening of control of expenses, particularly judges expenses, total expenses were just over £26,000, resulting in net retained earnings of just over £13,500 along with £7,500 brought forward from last year meaning we are in a good financial position having approximately £21,000 going forward into next year.

    The biggest expenses were in relation to the Superheat (Approx £11,500), judges expenses (Approx £6,500) and winners expenses (Approx £5,000)

    Both Simon and Steve expressed their appreciation to those judges who had endeavored to keep the judges expenses at a minimum, whether by accepting costs personally as in many cases they would have been attending the event anyway or by employers generously meeting costs.

    Steve put this into perspective by quoting the previous years figures where the full £60,000 sponsorship money was spent. This year the Superheat helped to reduce the overall costs. This was the first time ever SCAE UK had paid for a venue, whereas normally the hosts have paid for the venue.

    Communications Co-ordinator – Chloe 

    Apologies from Chloe. Steve Leighton spoke on her behalf.

    Twitter has been a great way to communicate with baristas. Chloe has taken on a great deal of responsibility on a voluntary basis from a previous committee that was paid to do this job. She has dealt with the competitors entering , filtering any queries through to Steve and Denise. We are very lucky to have Chloe as the Communications Co-ordinator and she is doing a great job.

    Competitions Co-ordinator – Denise


    Denise said that she believed the UK had one of the best teams of judges in the world. Also we have the highest calibre of competitors in the world.

    Denise thanked all those that helped at the Superheat. With special thanks given to Tim Sturk, Richard Hardwick, Jonathan Wadham, Sonja Grant for running judges certification and Jess McDonald for her substantial assistance with certification/judges last year.

    We will again be having events at different venues/parts of the country. Whilst this may add additional dates it was asked that judges nearest to the events offer their skills as judges to keep costs at a minimum. Judges closest to a venue will be chosen in preference to those living further away.

    Denise is looking for people to help with each competition on the day and people who would do some work maybe in advance with the venue. Please could you contact her if you would be interested.

    Steve noted that last year was the first year that no complaints were received in relation to judges and this was put down to the professionalism demonstrated by judges at both the Superheat and London Coffee Festival. With special thanks going to Head Judges Jamie and Jochem.!

    Education Co-ordinator – Tim


    Apologies from Ben Townsend.

    The team wanted to initiate something that was non competition based. The plan being quartlery coffee information evenings with the first one, a cupping workshop, on Tuesday 21 Oct. We have linked up with the International Coffee Organisation to use their facilities in London, but the first event will be held at Bank Street, with Noble Street Coffee, New York, who own farms and have the whole bean to cup journey included in their business presenting for 2 hours tasting and brewing coffees 6.30-8.30pm. Space limited to 40 people.

    The next event will be at the ICO in January and further information will be announced on Twitter. We are also connecting with the Barista Guild and the education co-ordinators from around Europe, sharing resources using the CDS and so not trying to reinvent the wheel.

    Steve indicated that there will be a lot more coming from the education sector as with the money in place it is looking to start doing things for roasters, shop owners, not just for baristas. As a chapter it is hoped that events will be aimed at the whole coffee community. That is the plan once the current competition season has taken place, With a view to looking forward to a summer event for other coffee professionals, not just the barista community.

    Membership Committee – Jonathan


    Apologies from Jonathan. Steve Leighton spoke on his behalf.

    In April 2013, when Jonathan became Membership chair we had 158 members, as of 12 October we have 351. This is a positive as we are the biggest chapter in SCAE. We receive a rebate on all those memberships. A large number of these new memberships are judges and competitors who joined in order to take part in the UKBC, having not previously been required to be members to do so, as well as other new members wishing to join the SCAE community in the UK.

    Jonathan asked that people contact him with any membership queries that they may have.

    Steve acknowledged that the sponsorship from Pullman and Pulycaf last year were all the work of Jonathan and his is an amazing person to have on the team, with a personal thanks going to Jonathan from Steve.

    National Co-ordinator – Steve

    Steve took the position as National Co-ordinator in November last year after Lyndsey left the post as there was no one else that wanted to take the position. It was noted that Steve was coerced into the position during a drunken discussion in Milan, taking the role full time after the 2013 UKBC. Once the new sponsors are all signed up and we have a successful competition this year Steve will be stepping down as National Co-ordinator, but will still be part of the committee. The position of National Co-ordinator is available to anyone. “The wages are nil, the stresses are many and the pressure on your own business because you can’t focus on that is huge.” If you would like to stand for the position please do. It would be nice if anyone interested could get involved now to see how the position works for the next nine months before taking over.

    Latte Art Competition – 13th December 2014 – Sponsored by La Marzocco

    La Marzocco have not paid to be the sole sponsors, this was encouraged by Steve. It is a one year contract. Steve wanted them to show SCAE UK what an event it can be and that there would be value to them should they want to be sponsors next year. They’re going to have educational “stuff” going on La Mazocco-Style – “I’m sure there will be Pizza, Scalextrics and maybe Subbuteo in there”.

    The “fun” nature of the event may make it more challenging for judges, but it should be a very exciting event.

    Coffee in Good Spirits

    This event possibly taking place at Cafe Culture in March, with it’s own stage along with the cupping competition. A meeting to discuss this will take place on Wednesday. There are currently no agreed sponsors although there are interested parties. One machine sponsor is required for the whole event covering the cost of the winner’s expenses going away and the judges costs, with no other charge to the sponsor.

    Brewers Cup


    There has been lots of interest from those wishing to host this event. As a committee we decided Waterloo Tea in Cardiff had the strongest offer. They will also run their tea event at the same time. The date is to be decided, although is likely to be January.

    Cupping Competition


    To be run alongside the Coffee in Good Spirits as Cafe Culture offers a great space to do this. Denise has been talking to Bunn with a view to them running this event.


    Is there anyone who would like to sponsor this competition? Steve said that if he was not National Co-ordinator he would host the Ibrik competition and everybody would have to wear Fez’ who came to watch and there would be lots of beer involved!!
    We are actively looking for a host for this competition. It is low cost. It requires a venue and flights to Greece, some accommodation and maybe a trophy and the judges normally judge for free as the person behind the main competition loves it so much she will find judges for us who won’t charge.



    Essential Cafe were going to be hosting the whole competition. A deal with struck where they would manage all of the sponsorship and we would get a lump sum as a chapter come in. They would cover all the judges expenses. They would run the UKBC alongside their own event which is trade show. Handshakes and gentleman’s agreements where made which they backed out of at 7pm 17th October following Steve asking them for a contract before the AGM on 18th.

    This means there is currently no venue for the finals and we do not have any sponsorship contracts in place as this was something that Essential Cafe were in the process of doing.

    Machine Sponsorship


    The machine sponsor is La Spaziali. There was talk of many companies putting bids in for the sponsorship of the event. As of the closing date we had no bids from sponsors. They were all recontacted again by different members of the committee and by Essential Cafe, with just one bid received from La Spaziali.

    Grinder sponsorship

    Two bids received from Mahlkonig and Simonelli. Simonelli are the chosen sponsors.

    This decision was made not necessarily because theirs was the highest bid, but they were the strongest bid, willing to provide people on the ground, also a WC rep for the finals (Lauro Fioretti – Also a WBC judge) and technical support. The bids were incredibly close.

    Water Sponsor


    Pentair to sponsor for the next three years.

    Other sponsors 


    To be announced over the next few weeks.

    Sponsorship committee

    There is an amount of work to be done before the heats including signing contracts with sponsors. If anyone would like to look after a sponsor we would be grateful for that. There are approx 10-12 sponsors. It would be great to have a group of people who were part of a sponsorship committee who would volunteer and maybe look after two sponsors who you’d have to speak to once a month to see if there was anything they wanted from us as a chapter and report this back to the National Co-ordinator.

    The loss of Arla as a sponsor last year cost £14,000 and Inter-America £5,000. These sponsor had simply not been contacted during their time as sponsors and they felt no one was looking after them.

    Other matters


    Tim Sturk has visited the Scotland venue and is very pleased with it. This space is now organised and paid for. Gratitude to all three heat hosts was expressed by Steve and SCAE UK.

    There is a meeting on Wednesday re the finals with a view to maybe having this in Scotland and maybe back to London next year

    Meeting adjourned approx 5.30pm

    Caffe Culture To Host UK CIGS & Cup Tasters Competitions

    November 13th, 2014

    The Caffè Culture Show will host the SCAE Coffee In Good Spirits and UK Cup Tasters Competitions on the 13th and 14th May 2015 at London’s Olympia, Upper Streets Events can announce.

    To mark the ten year anniversary of the leading trade event for the café sector, the best talents in the barista world will compete in two fiercely-contested battles with the winners representing Great Britain at the World of Coffee in Gothenburg in June 2015.

    Steve Leighton, SCAE National Coordinator, has commented, “It’s wonderful that the SCAE UK chapter and Upper Street Events are working together on the Coffee in Good Spirits and the UK Cup Tasters competitions – the Caffè Culture show is the perfect platform to raise the stakes for these amazing competitions and we’re so happy to be working together”.

    Cheryl Carroll, Event Director of the Caffè Culture Show continued, “We’re absolutely thrilled to be working with the SCAE to give these competitions a fitting home and are very excited about this new element of the show. We know the show’s visitors have a huge appetite to learn more from the most innovative minds in the business, and we can’t wait to see what the nation’s leading baristas have in store for us when they come together at Olympia”.

    With already over 65% of the floorplan now allocated and with more new feature content just being finalised, the 10th birthday show is looking set to be one of the best yet so not one to be missed.


    Glasgow Coffee Festival Official Host of UKBC Scottish Heat

    November 3rd, 2014

    Curated by Glasgow’s own Dear Green Coffee Roasters, the first Glasgow Coffee Festival is confirmed to take place on 6th December 2014 at the city’s iconic The Briggait.

    Open to the public from 10am – 7pm, the Briggait will also play host to the Scottish Heat of the UK Barista Championship. The highlight of the UK barista calendar, participants from across Scotland will compete for the chance to represent Scotland at the nationwide competition in 2015.

    To compliment the event, exhibitors from around Scotland will set up shop within the main hall. Confirmed to take part so far include Artisan Roast, Avenue G, Coffee Hit, Dear Green Coffee Roasters, Dormouse Tea Co, Falcon Speciality, Fun In A Cup, Glad Cafe, Glen Lyon, Knock, La Marzocco, Libby Walker, Marco Beverage Systems, LA Group, Machina, Papercup, Piers Alexander,  Riverhill, Roast Central, Sugarwings, Treemendous and more TBA.

    LA Group and Williams Brothers will set up bar and the #GI Coffee initiative (McCune Smith, The Glad Cafe, Riverhill, Siempre Cafe, Avenue G, Papercup, Laboratorio Espresso, Veldt Deli, Artisan Roast) manning the coffee provision.

    Masterclasses will take place throughout the day including Espresso Martini making, Anatomy of an Espresso Machine and Latte Art and Brewing to name a few. Public cupping tastings will also be available to increase knowledge and appreciation.

    Fringe events will also take place: the Scottish premiere of ‘A Film About Coffee’, a “love letter to, and meditation on, speciality coffee and an exclusive exhibition of Will Freeborn’s stunning illustrations and paintings.

    Tickets are now on sale for £9 + booking fee at

    Ticket price includes general admission, one hot drink and prize draw entry.

    All proceeds will be donated to Coffee Kids and SocialBite


    UK Barista Championship La Spaziale S40 Practice Machines

    October 30th, 2014

    Our machine sponsor, La Spaziale, have kindly despatched eight S40 espresso machines across the country, these can be used by competing baristas for practice with prior appointment of the the venues.

    Prufrock – London –  Jeremy Challender -


    Origin Coffee – Helston, Cornwall – Tom Sobey –


    Myrtle Espresso – Burntisland, Fife – Mark Braid –


    Limini Coffee – Bradford, Yorkshire – Youri Vlag –


    Has Beans Coffee – Stafford – Steve Leighton –


    Clifton Coffee – Bristol – James Fisher –


    Cornico – Wadebridge, Cornwall –


    La Spaziale UK – Chesterfield – Dan Farrer –


    A reminder that any competitor wishing to use any of the facilities of the businesses above MUST make contact with them prior to turning up. Anyone turning up out of the blue is likely to be refused entry.


    University of Warwick hosts Midlands heat of the SCAE Barista Championships

    October 27th, 2014

    Skilled baristas are currently preparing for the Midlands heat of the UK’s most prestigious barista competition, the UK Barista Championships, run by SCAE UK (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe – UK chapter).  The heat takes place Sunday 23 November 2014.

    This year, the Midlands heat will be hosted by the University of Warwick, which has just been voted “University of the Year 2014” by both the Times and Sunday Times newspapers, at their prestigious Warwick Arts Centre.  Wholly owned by the University, Warwick Arts Centre is one of the largest performing and visual arts complexes in the UK outside London and situated at the very centre of the University campus.

    The heat will see twenty baristas gather to demonstrate their brewing prowess.  Each barista will have fifteen minutes to make four espresso, four cappuccino and four espresso based non-alcoholic speciality drinks.  The drinks are judged by two technical and four sensory judges, who between them will assess everything from technical knowledge to taste balance.

    Tony Howard, Director of Strategy and Development (Food & Drink) at the University and a SCAE Technical Judge, said “I am delighted that the University of Warwick has been selected to host the Midlands heat.  We are the only university in the UK to have taken part in this year’s London Coffee Festival as well as having award-winning baristas on our team, so I am really proud of what we have achieved so far.  It’s incredibly important that events like the SCAE Barista Championships are well supported to help promote the skills that go into brewing exceptional coffee. We’re delighted to be hosting this year and helping to recognise this talent.”

    For competitors and guests wishing to stay overnight on Saturday 22 November, the University is offering bed and breakfast at its Training and Conference Park at the discounted rate of £75.  Simply visit to make your booking.  Please enter “Scarman” as the area and “BARISTA14” as the promotion code.  The Training and Conference Park was an award winner in the Meetings & Incentive Travel (M&IT) Awards 2014.

    For press information, interviews and images please contact Suzanne Brown:

    02476 151192 |

    The University of Warwick is one of the UK’s leading universities, with an acknowledged reputation for excellence in research and teaching, for innovation, and for links with business and industry.

    The University is globally connected, forward looking and entrepreneurial. It prides itself on creating new ways of thinking and achieving, making the University stand out from its competitors and creating an inspiring place to study and undertake research. Consistently at the top of UK league tables, the University topped the list of universities targeted by the top 10 employers in 2013 and ranked 7th in the UK for its research.

    In 2015 the University will celebrate its 50th anniversary and has established a formidable reputation on the national and international stage as a powerhouse of teaching excellence and business focussed research.


    The SCAE Barista Championships see Origin Coffee host the Southern heats in Bristol

    October 21st, 2014

    The South’s most skilled baristas are currently preparing for the Southern heat of the UK’s most prestigious barista competition, the UK Barista Championships run by SCAE UK (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe – UK chapter).

    This year the Southern Heat sees Origin coffee, Cornish based roasters, host the regional championships, and their chosen location is the famous Bristol site, SS Great Britain.

    The site of Brunel’s famous ship, located in the heart of Bristol’s harbourside will see twenty baristas gather to demonstrate their brewing prowess. The heat will comprise of fifteen minute slots in which each barista will have the opportunity to make four espresso, four cappuccino and four espresso based non-alcoholic speciality drinks. The drinks are judged by two technical and four sensory judges, who between them will assess everything from technical knowledge to taste balance. A test of both art and science.

    Tom Sobey, founder of Origin said “the location is iconic to the South and will be a unique venue for the South’s talented baristas to gather and demonstrate their ability. It’s incredibly important that events like this are well supported to help promote the skills that go into brewing exceptional coffee. The UK’s playing catch up with the coffee cultures in America, Australia and New Zealand, in which being a barista is a well-respected and understood profession. We’re delighted to be hosting this year and helping to recognise this talent.”

    For press information, interviews and images please contact Grace Reith on:

    01326 574337 |

    Origin Coffee is one of the UK’s leading speciality coffee roasters, based in Cornwall.

    They believe that seasonal coffee traded directly is the best way to ensure an exceptional product and achieve this by visiting the farms and mills they work with directly (or do so through their trusted partners) and rewarding them for producing the best quality crops through sustainable and ethical practices. Origin coffees are rotated based on seasonality with monthly single origin’s and special small lot coffees.

    The coffee beans are roasted at Origin in Cornwall, using a Loring Smart Roast, the world’s first environmentally friendly coffee roaster.

    This pursuit of quality continues with the baristas they work with; amongst the best in the country, including UK Barista Champions.

    Origin coffee can be experienced in leading independent cafes, boutique hotels and at online at

    Your SCAE Committee Needs YOUR Help

    October 21st, 2014

    We are looking for a someone to help with our Sponsorship Management at the SCAE UKBC chapter.

    Competitions don’t pay for themselves, and we need sponsors for the life blood. The sponsorship manager will liaise with sponsors and the committee, to be the link to all the different chairs. You will be given all the tools you need so no previous experience necessary, you have to like coffee, like talking to people and like managing relationships (and spending lots of time on your telephone).

    The pay is nil, the conditions are worse, but you do get to help your SCAE and the chapter do a better job with competitions, and that should be reward enough.
    Please let us know asap.

    Announcement from our National Coordinator

    October 17th, 2014

    Dear Membership,

    It is with sadness I have to inform you that I have received an email this morning; the planned finals event with Essential cafe will not be happening. Essential cafe at a very late stage has withdrawn their support. This has come out of the blue and completely unexpected, in fact we had a site visit booked for today for the proposed venue.
    We will make an announcement in the very near future about plans for our finals.

    UK Latte Art Championship 2015

    October 14th, 2014

    December 13, 2014 – December 13, 2014


    We’re delighted to announce that registrations for the UK Latte Art Championships are now open.

    Both rounds of the competition will be hosted by La Marzocco at their Out of The Box Event on December 13th amongst a whole host of pertinent talks and workshops.

    We have 25 places available.

    The La Marzocco Out of The Box event is free of charge and open to the public


    37 East Road


    N1 6AH

    The UK Latte Art Championship will go through to the World Latte Art Championship in Gothenburg for the chance to compete for the title of World Latte Art Champion.

    SCAE membership is a requirement for entry. This can be a personal membership or that of your employer. You can join here.

    Please send any questions through to


    UK Barista Championship Regional Heats Registration

    October 10th, 2014


    We’re pleased to announce that the UK Barista Championship Regional Heats are now open for registrations.

    Warwick – 23rd November 2014

    Bristol – 28th November 2014

    Glasgow -06th December 2014

    Please select the nearest region to your place of work. There will be 20 places available for each of the regional heats, so please also select a 2nd choice for if your 1st choice fills up.

    More details on all the hosts and their venues will be released over the next few days.

    Entry is free for all SCAE members.

    Entrants must be 18 years of age and above.

    Please keep an eye on our Twitter feed @SCAEUK for updates

    Please send all questions to


    SCAE UK Chapter AGM Meeting

    October 10th, 2014
    We will be holding our annual AGM Saturday 18th October at Has Bean Coffee at 4pm, directly after the first day of this year’s judges certification and calibration.
    The agenda will be as follows.
    Message from Communications Chair
    Message from Competitions Chair

    Message from Education Chairs
    Message from Membership Chair
    Message from Treasurer
    Message from NC
    Sponsorship update on Latte Art
    Sponsorship update on CIGS
    Sponsorship update on Brewers Cup
    Sponsorship update on Cupping comp
    Sponsorship update on Ibrik
    Sponsorship and long term approach to UKBC
    Questions and any other business
    If you are unable to attend, please forward any questions to before friday the 17th of october.
    Minutes will be available as soon as possible after the meeting.


    Pentair foodservice announced as water sponsor for UKBC Live

    October 1st, 2014
    Pentair Foodservice has secured the prestigious position of water sponsor for the 2015 SCAE UK Barista Championships hosted and organised by Essential Café Magazine.

    Pentair filtration and treatment products will play a key role in providing competitors with the raw ingredients needed to create their drinks in this annual and hotly contested competition to find the top barista in the land.

    Tony Monks, marketing manager EMEA, Pentair Foodservice, says: “We are delighted to be the water sponsors for the SCAE UK Barista Championships 2015, hosted by our good friends at Essential Café Magazine. We share the same passion for quality as the barista’s striving to reach the very top of their game and so are delighted that our products will be used to help the contestants create the very best beverages they can in their quest to be crowned the UK’s very best.”

    For more information on the UK Barista Championships Live, contact the organisers,
    Essential Café Magazine on +44 (0)1634 673163.